Funglish Update (June 28th, 2023)

Hello everyone. Here is an update from our Funglish classes.

This is from the 3rd Grade class. They are learning about nature and animals. Now, they can say "I have a dog. She has lived with me for five years."

They gave a speech in groups about their pets and or plants they have grown. 

Very nice speeches, everyone. Thank you!

See you later!


Funglish Update (June 19, 2023)

Hello everyone. Here is an update from our Funglish classes.

Last week, the 2nd grade students made presentations. They wrote their dream travel plan to another country. 

Today, they showed their presentations. 

The students want to go to:







Great presentations, everyone!

See you later!



Funglish Update (June 13th, 2023)

Hello everyone. Here is an update from Funglish classes.

1st Grade

We are learning to give orders. We learned "Open your textbook," and "Don't talk now."

We played a gesture game. 


Today, we had a video call with students in Australia! It was very fun!

2nd Grade

 The 2nd graders are learning about traveling abroad. We learned to say "You have to prepare for rain," and "You don't have to take a towel." 

The students made 3 Hint Quizzes about different countries. Then, they roleplayed travelers and travel agents. 

3rd Grade

The 3rd graders are learning to use sentences like "I have been studying English for three hours." 

We did a picture describing activity. Then, we read the textbook about Deer Crossings. 

Let's continue enjoying Funglish! Thank you!



Funglish Lunch Time (June 1st, 2023)

Hello everyone. 

Now it's June. Today is Funglish Day. We had the Funglish Broadcast during lunch, as usual.

Today, a 3rd grade student read the quiz. Great job! 喜ぶ・デレ

Today's quiz question was: What is June 21st? 

A: Summer

B: the School Speech Contest

C: Tomorrow

The answer was A: Summer. 

See you next week!


Funglish Update (May 26, 2023)

Hello, everyone! 笑う

This is an update from our Funglish classes.

This was Friday, May 26th in the 1st grade class.

First, they gave presentations. They introduced their school and teachers. Now, they can say "This is a blackboard." and "He is a P.E. teacher."

They wrote and presented very well!

Then, we practiced saying "What time is it?" We roleplayed about using smartphones. We asked "What time is it?" in other countries. 

They spoke very well!

Let's continue enjoying Funglish. See you later! 


Funglish Classes (April 24, 2023)

Hello everyone!

It's a new school year. We are enjoying Funglish again this year. 

Here are some activites we did in Funglish classes.

~1st Grade~ 

The students checked letters and sounds. We played karuta. 


We played Fruits Basket using questions like:

-"When is your birthday?"

-"Where are you from?"

-"What anime do you like?"


Then, we learned how to use a dictionary. 


~2nd Grade~

The 2nd grade students are learning the grammar "There is"/"There are."


We learned new words, and read the textbook. The textbook has Anpanman! 


~3rd Grade~

The 3rd graders are learning to talk about experiences (経験). The grammar is "I have eaten ~."

They are listening to the textbook audio. Do you like sukiyaki?


To practice vocabulary, everyone says one word. 



Let's continue enjoying Funglish!

See you! 


Today's Lunch Time Funglish(Thursday, March 2nd)

給食・食事Enjoy lunch with the ALT!


驚く・ビックリNow, let's broadcast* in English!


?!Next, the quiz from the ALT!

Today's quiz: 

What does 送る mean in English?

     A: Enjoy

     B: Send-off

     C: Give

    The answer is... B!

Let's enjoy Funglish again next week! 笑う