Funglish days

Funglish days

Funglish Classes (April 24, 2023)

Hello everyone!

It's a new school year. We are enjoying Funglish again this year. 

Here are some activites we did in Funglish classes.

~1st Grade~ 

The students checked letters and sounds. We played karuta. 


We played Fruits Basket using questions like:

-"When is your birthday?"

-"Where are you from?"

-"What anime do you like?"


Then, we learned how to use a dictionary. 


~2nd Grade~

The 2nd grade students are learning the grammar "There is"/"There are."


We learned new words, and read the textbook. The textbook has Anpanman! 


~3rd Grade~

The 3rd graders are learning to talk about experiences (経験). The grammar is "I have eaten ~."

They are listening to the textbook audio. Do you like sukiyaki?


To practice vocabulary, everyone says one word. 



Let's continue enjoying Funglish!

See you!